Monday, May 8, 2017

Qualities of speeches


      1. In a speech you can refer a piece or a part from your life to your speech. In that part of your speech you can explain how you felt (Was it sad? Was it exciting?) in that moment during your life like in Faliures of kindness speech.
     2. Like in the sunscreen speech you can give your opinions (but not so many of them). You could also give some of your advice even if you think it might not be so helpful everything counts doesn't matter to who everyone will know it.
   3. Like in the 11 days speech give questions that you don't know can be answered. Tell the audience what you did before you were like this ( ex: do you see things in a more positive way?) or tell them what you can do to change.


  1. Great job I hope to see these quality in your speech

  2. These are great ideas Julia - I especially like how you shared the idea of asking questions that people might not have an answer to!