Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Butterfly Project

The heavens sense our burden
the threat of future downpours 
I carry on my back.
We are drunk on wine vinegar. 
The nearing storm rouses me,
it makes me want to shake the world.

We are an assembly of misery.
If our hands are bloody, 
it is from the blood of our own wounds. 
The grotesque scars 
we bear on our bodies 
testify to battles fought 
that went unrecognized. 

But the next storm will unfurl our flag 
and uproot the rotted trees! 
Then we, together with the gusting wind,
will scale Spilberk's heights, 
and stand in victory on the peaks of cliffs,
our hair blowing freely in the wind.
    This poem makes me feel sad because the child in this poem tells us what it was like in the concentration camp. During the     Holocaust Jews were put into concentration camps because they didn't look like the rest of the human population. This poem called the "The Storm " was written to tell other people on how she lived. She was forced to do hard labor,barely got to eat a decent meal, she was always getting beaten by the Germans/Nazi group. 


  1. Your butterfly looks so nice, and your poem looks a happy poem because in your poem it has some hope and all the great things but I was confused form the next part like one part is a happy part and one a sad part.but I hope your butterfly is going to survive. And agin your butterfly looks so nice 👍🏻.

  2. Wow! A lot of symbols, I love how you drew everything. It all seems to be in place. I see you've drawn cuts or sores on the butterflies body. Why did you sense hope in the poem? Your symbolism is greatly resembling the poem. I like how you made shadows of people to represent that their identity was tooken away. Isn't is sad that they had numbers for names? It's so depressing and cruel, the Germans treated their own human race like they were a nasty sewer rat!

  3. The first thing I like is your butterfly I like the colors that you choose and specially the had that you drew and I like the world that you drew I also liked the poem that you got I really like how it said in the poem"we are an assembly of misery if our hand are to bloody." That's why you put the had right?

  4. Your butterfly looks nice. Good job. I like how you drew the the hand with blood to go along with the poem. Do you think your child died based on the clues you got from the poem? After I read your poem it makes me feel like even though these people go through a lot in camp they still stay strong. On your thinglink you explained about the Jews scars and how they get no medical treatment. I feel like they should get medical attention.

  5. The first line of the poem is my favorite talking about the heavens knowing our burden. Great job very well.

  6. This poem makes me feel sad because the child who is telling the poem was in the concentration camp. Why would someone put a young child In these kind of camps just because of what they believe in? If I wrote this poem I would have given more details about what is really going on.

  7. I like your poem I like the colors you choose to go with the poem. This poem is sad because he's telling how it was in the concentration camp.

  8. The butterfly is big ,and those colors are really nice attractive with your poem. I really like how you wrote In the text is says " But the next storm will influence our flag and up root the rotted trees." So basically what they are trying to say in this quote is that they had faith on getting there freedom. ,that part is really good and good with the picture you drew. Everything is good.

  9. The poem talks about people drinking our hands covered in blood meaning battles fought, the poem talks about what bad things people do and the situation they get into. I like the design of your butterfly with the picture of the hands covered in blood from the poem saying "If our hands are bloody,
    it is from the blood of our own wounds." And with the tree and the storm clouds again telling from the poem "But the next storm will unfurl our flag
    and uproot the rotted trees !" Meaning bad things are happening. My question is if the child survived. Answer yes maybe child survived, they might just be saying everything that's happening and taking notes on everything about what's going on.

  10. You're butterfly looks great julia is so beautiful, and has each detail you drew What poems. But their is a question why you drew a boot top of people head?

  11. I think the one who wrote the poem survived the camp

  12. This poem is sad and very deep. I like the butterfly and its well made and drawn. The information you did in the thinklink is well explained and what each thing of the drawing represents. I think the poem describes everything well so someone could understand or have an idea of what happened. Did they ever lose hope or just gave up on victory?

  13. Your butterfly looks very nice lots of design I wonder why did the author put the the part with the tree and did you enjoy making your awesome butterfly.

  14. Wow! Great job on your butterfly. I really think you are talented in drawing and enjoyed seeing those drawings! I like how you separated the negativity and the positivity. That to me are representing how balanced things are in the world. I think the world is balanced between two different types as showed on your butterfly design. A negative side and those who hate and have a bad mindset, and those who are positive and love for others. Is there a certain reason you put your hill and globe sideways? I think this might mean that the world might be messed up or turned around meaning that this world is cruel. Nice job on your blog! Really like your drawings!