Friday, March 17, 2017

Slice of life # 20 When I tried to help but made things worse

      A time I helped someone but only made it worst was when I was 7 years old. I tried to help my dad at work because he brought me with him. He used to work at 7 UP restocking the shelves with soda. I picked up a pack of 24  coke a cola and I accidentally dropped it and some of the coke cans busted. I didn't mean to make such a big mess. I grabbed the mop and was trying to clean it all up but that just made it even more worse. I was smearing all over the place. You can still hear the foam still foaming. It started to get really sticky my dad came back with the bucket that had bleach and hot water in it so it won't be sticky but I didn't listen so it was sticky anyways because I didn't wait for him to come back with the bucket of hot water. I felt really bad so I just sat down on the cleaner side of the floor so I wouldn't be in the way while my dad was cleaning up the mess.

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  1. Well that's such a bummer, Julia. I loved the line you wrote, "You could still hear the foam foaming." That's such great writing! I hope to read more from you!