Friday, March 17, 2017

Slice of life # 20 When I tried to help but made things worse

      A time I helped someone but only made it worst was when I was 7 years old. I tried to help my dad at work because he brought me with him. He used to work at 7 UP restocking the shelves with soda. I picked up a pack of 24  coke a cola and I accidentally dropped it and some of the coke cans busted. I didn't mean to make such a big mess. I grabbed the mop and was trying to clean it all up but that just made it even more worse. I was smearing all over the place. You can still hear the foam still foaming. It started to get really sticky my dad came back with the bucket that had bleach and hot water in it so it won't be sticky but I didn't listen so it was sticky anyways because I didn't wait for him to come back with the bucket of hot water. I felt really bad so I just sat down on the cleaner side of the floor so I wouldn't be in the way while my dad was cleaning up the mess.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Slice of life #16 In the mud!

       A time I played in the mud was when I was 7 yrs old. It was a rainy day. The sun was starting to peek out behinds the clouds. My dog Mona and I went outside. She started to dig in her hole that she had started when I was about 6 and half but my grandma kept on refilling it with dirt so she wouldn't hit a pipe of so. I saw what she was doing so I grabbed my little shower that I used to help with my grandma when we would grow are garden in the summer with. I started to help Mona dig. My armswere starting to get tired after a while be the mud was heavy. So I stopped for a couple of minutes. Then started to help her out again. We went inside I took her a bath first, then I took a bath she still smelled like wet dog but when she was dry she smelled like apple blossoms it was a very light but strong smell on her but we both had fun in the mud. I wish I was able to still call Mona mines,but I know that deep down in my heart she was still mine!! Maybe this summer I'll see you again.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The outsiders

         Title: The outsiders
         Author:S.E Hilton
         Summary: The outsiders is probably my favorite book of all time. The movie is really good but the book is better because it gives you a lot more details on what had happened. So anyways there are these two gangs called the Greasers and the Socs (it's short for the socials) The Socs are the rich white kids that like in the east side of town and the Greasers are the poor white kids that live on the west side of town. In the greaser gang you have 3 characters that are brothers from youngest to oldest. Ponyboy,Sodapop and Darry. And then you have the other 4members of the gang that are not brothers but are really close to being brothers. Steve,Twobit,Johnny,and Dally. Johnny and Ponyboy have done something super bad to where now they have to run away. So they go to Dally for some help.

     You should read what happens to the gang. And what Ponyboy and Johnny did that made them run away??

 I would give this book a full 10 out of 10! It's just so interesting and exciting to read.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Slice of life #5 Bed Time

         Getting ready for bed at my house is probably the most hectic thing to do in my family. My sisters hate to go to bed. They always want to stay up and watch tv or play with there toys. I usually stay up until 12:00 and talk to my friends and face time them. Sometimes if they go to sleep early I'll go to bed the same time my sisters do.I sleep with my younger sister Eleanor and when she sleeps she is uasually snoring or kicking me in my back or she is all over me and my side of the bed. I'll push her over real quick and she always has to sqoot back to where she was at in the first place. How is it in your family when you go to bed?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Slice of life #4 Friday

         On fridays I'm usually feeling happy an excited for the weekends but this Friday I'm not feeling like myself. Today just seems a little bit off for me. I wish I knew what it was but I'm sure ill figure it out sooner or later.Today is also the day my grandma gets her surgery for her shoulder I hope everything goes well for her but I know she is tough she has been through a lot. Us Alfaro's have all been through something so tough and rough that it just makes us even more tougher. I love my grandma more anything wishing and praying it goes well!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Slice of life #3

A time I was in a competition I really wanted to win was last year in 2016. It was basketball season an we just won the play offs. We were so tired but then the coaches told us that it was time for the championship game i was so nervous an tired my right hand was shaking so much that I was starting to feel nervous "what happenes if I shoot an the ball misses??" I didn't know if I should tell my couch that my hand was shaking but my friends said that I might just be nervous. We were winning the first half of the game. Then we started to slow down lose focus, and then we were down by like 10 points. I started to lose faith in me an in my team. But I knew that my team was good and that we were still winners. We were disappointed when we lost but it was fun to play against Freedom Middle school.

Slice of life#1

         A time I laughed so hard that my stomach started to hurt was when my best friend decided to pick me up but I didn't know what was going on. He tried to carry me put but I didn't want him to so I was running away from him in the after school program when we were in open gym. I wasn't paying attention so I stopped  to talk to a friend an she started to laugh I thought she was laughing at someone else but nope it turns out it was me. He picked me up from the back but I kept moving so I kinda made us both fall. I started to laugh so hard and he looked at me all searious so I knew he didn't really think it was funny until he said I'm going to get you back one day for this. Then I didn't find it funny any more.