Monday, May 8, 2017

Qualities of speeches


      1. In a speech you can refer a piece or a part from your life to your speech. In that part of your speech you can explain how you felt (Was it sad? Was it exciting?) in that moment during your life like in Faliures of kindness speech.
     2. Like in the sunscreen speech you can give your opinions (but not so many of them). You could also give some of your advice even if you think it might not be so helpful everything counts doesn't matter to who everyone will know it.
   3. Like in the 11 days speech give questions that you don't know can be answered. Tell the audience what you did before you were like this ( ex: do you see things in a more positive way?) or tell them what you can do to change.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Book club

      I think that book clubs are a great way to make friends even if you don't know the person. To come close together. There also an easy way to make great conversations with to others. The only challenging part about book clubs is that if someone comes to the book club meetings unprepared and you try to start up a conversation and they don't know what part of the book your on or they don't know what's going on it's just a hassle for your book club buddies and you because that one person is behind and you don't want to ruin the book for them. Plus it's just gonna be hard to have full conversation with if there not prepared for the book club meeting.

Not doing work

         Not doing your work is probably the worst thing ever. Your behind on class work. Your not participating in class because you have no idea what's going on with your group. It's  just a big mess. You tell yourself your going to catch up tonight. The next morning you forgot you had to catch up last night and it's already 2nd period the period before the class you said you would catch up for. Then something happens when you tell your teacher you didn't do your work once again. So they call your parents! You don't know how there gonna react to this because they think your doing great in school grades are up high and your turning your work in on time. So there is only 2 ways this can go. 1 They yell at you through the phone and your teacher is right next to you listening on what there saying. Or 2 they can be shocked and have no words but say " I'm very disappointed in you!" In my opinion I would rather hear them yell at me through the phone because then I wouldn't have to hear them say "I'm very disappointed in you!" Because then you just feel hurt and disappointed in yourself as well... I think it's best to say that doing your work no matter  how long and how boring it might be is the responsible thing to do, it's going to help you in the future and it's gonna help you now! So always do your work and don't wait till the last minute to do it and take your time to understand what your doing!!

Friday, April 21, 2017


     The book Hoops is about this kid named Lonnie Jackson he is a seventeen year old e that loves basketball. He his getting ready for city-wide basketball tournament with his team. Lonnie and his team later on get a coach that doesn't look like he used to play basketball but later ends up showing he can play super good and his name is Cal. Lonnie the feels threatened by Cal because he plays better than him and Loonie's team talks about how Cal is better than him.Later in the book Loonie starts to get a soft spot in his heart to not feel threatened or jealous about Cal. I think this book is interesting because I like basketball but this book also reminds me of someone in my family that went through something like this.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Butterfly Project

The heavens sense our burden
the threat of future downpours 
I carry on my back.
We are drunk on wine vinegar. 
The nearing storm rouses me,
it makes me want to shake the world.

We are an assembly of misery.
If our hands are bloody, 
it is from the blood of our own wounds. 
The grotesque scars 
we bear on our bodies 
testify to battles fought 
that went unrecognized. 

But the next storm will unfurl our flag 
and uproot the rotted trees! 
Then we, together with the gusting wind,
will scale Spilberk's heights, 
and stand in victory on the peaks of cliffs,
our hair blowing freely in the wind.
    This poem makes me feel sad because the child in this poem tells us what it was like in the concentration camp. During the     Holocaust Jews were put into concentration camps because they didn't look like the rest of the human population. This poem called the "The Storm " was written to tell other people on how she lived. She was forced to do hard labor,barely got to eat a decent meal, she was always getting beaten by the Germans/Nazi group. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#1 Spring break

         I was home most of the day. It wasn't that interesting until around 4 maybe 4:30. My best friend and I went out to eat with her mom and her mom's boyfriend. They took us out to eat so that we can celebrate my best friends birthday. She just turned 14!! I wrote her a long birthday paragraph stating that she was getting old and we've been friends since 5th grade and nothing can break our friendship. They ordered one of those surprise cakes. Where the waitresses sing to the birthday person. She was so shocked,so surprised but the most important one that showed the most on her face was that she loved it!! I asked her " How does it feel to finally be 14?" She said " Its amazing I wish this day would never end. 2 more months until you jump into being 14 years old!!"

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slice of Life #22

       "My week has been good lately." I have had my rough moment to where I just want to go into a room and talk to someone that would get me. But most of the time I've had my good days. Me and my two best friends go to the after school program and all we do is we either go to open gym or just talk about sad or funny moments in our lives. I enjoy spending an hour and a half with them. Knowing that there going to be there for me when I need them.And that I'm going to be here when they need me. I'm glad to call them my best friends. Where would I be in life right now without them. Yeah they got on my nerves but if you don't have a best friend that gets on your nerves how do you know if they are really your best friends?